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May 21, 2006
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+DS Concept+:: Finximmani by Droemar +DS Concept+:: Finximmani by Droemar
"What's it like ... to not have a soul?"
"It’s like ... walking around with the feeling that you’ve forgotten something. Something really important, or you left behind something that belonged to you that was really special. And then you just realize that you haven’t forgotten anything, you never had it in the first place. But even knowing that doesn’t make it go away; you’re still looking for that special thing. Nigh says we’re born knowing we’re incomplete, humans and daemons. We’ve got to find each other to make ourselves complete.”

Yay! It's Trounce, everyone's favorite hero from the Monster comic! Better known as Vindex. He needed a huge revamp of his concept work, namely his warform. His "normal" wolf form sat in my sketchbook for a long time because I wasn't sure if I liked the design or not. Then I found myself using it as reference all the time, so inked it, and said when I had a decent warform to put with it I'd color it.

Finximmani is a daemon word derived from Latin's "finxi" - to fashion, mold, or form and "immanitus" - savagery. It means "warform" directly, "to shape savagery" literally. Some daemons are gifted with a natural shapeshift for the purposes of battle, which has led to huge monsters like the behemoth, leviathan, and hydra having a place in our myth. It's a very rare gift, and seen as very powerful. It's the reason Vindex got picked up off the streets by Nigh's quarum.

This is also the first drawing I've completed completely at home, not at work. Yay for drawing at home! And yay for 5,000 pageviews! Wish I coulda gotten the screengrab. Thanks to all who watch me and like my work. *bows*
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