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+DS Concept+:: Essence of Life by Droemar +DS Concept+:: Essence of Life by Droemar
"He doesn't talk?"
"Of course he talks. Glaeba just prefers the archaic tongue, the first tongue ever spoken. The true daemon language is the tongue of beasts, for we all are, at heart."
"He sounds just like a cat."
"Well, I suppose it's entirely the point. But considering he's two hundred years old and the best healer seen in seven hundred, we'll forgive him his eccentricities."

I started Glaeba before I started Sos, and was actually annoyed by the coloring process, so I dropped it and colored Sos first. (My tablet was also misbehaving at the time.) However, Sos taught me a lot that I was able to go back and apply here. I really like my tree, and that stone that's always following Glaeba around showed up again. I actually gave it story significance this time around, so it's at long last there for a reason. I hope my glows work on grey. Seal lynx point markings are hard.

Glaeba is based very heavily off my old cat Bennu, as I think I've said on several occaisions. He is Ben, immortalized, since in real life I'm not so lucky. Glaeba is the oldest daemon in Nigh's quarum, and is pretty much an eccentric old man. He spent sixty years on the Isle of Man in a self-exile after the death of his soulmate, whom he sort of failed to protect. No one is ever quite sure what Glaeba is thinking, or really if he's even sane, because one moment he can heal a shattered spine with ten times the speed and grace of an expert surgeon, and then run off to chase leaves. I think Glaeba represents innocence in the story, because innocence made us all act really stupid once, but we were sad to see it go. Glaeba has just forcefully chased it back down and clings to it. Or maybe not. Nobody really ever knows what Glaeba does except Glaeba.
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PixleRelish Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Great shading, it's simple, yet effective and powerful.
I especially like the coloring on the eyes and face. :)
Maxrunn Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
interesting tree.
smoldering075 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006
this is awesome...the shading is very nice!

the ress looks nice and gnarled...your texturing always come out top-notch
Gildawraith Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Very cute :)
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February 13, 2006
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